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Key Plugin Features:
  • Flexible Data Storage Options: Choose between REDIS data or single data storage, depending on your server setup. Utilize REDIS data for seamless operation across multiple servers or proxies. Opt for SINGLE data storage for a single Bukkit server setup, eliminating the need for REDIS.
  • Customizable Permission System: Tailor your staffchat experience by selecting the preferred permission system directly from the plugin settings. These settings can be easily adjusted in the settings.yml file.
  • LunarClient Compatibility: Enjoy comprehensive LunarClient support that's entirely configurable to match your unique requirements.
  • Modular Architecture: Experience exceptional modularity at every level, allowing you to customize and adapt the plugin to suit your specific needs.
  • Freeze Command with Flexibility: Benefit from a configurable freeze command that grants you control over its behavior.
  • Comprehensive Configuration: Every message can be personalized, and permissions can be adjusted to align with your server's guidelines.
  • Tailored Staff Join and Leave Messages: Craft personalized staff join and leave messages that resonate with your server's identity.
  • Customizable Staffchat: Adapt the staffchat functionality to your preferences through easy configuration.
  • Configurable Admin Chat: Tailor the admin chat to ensure efficient communication among administrators.
  • Adaptable Report System: Configure the report system according to your needs, setting cooldowns and parameters as required.
  • Flexible Request System: Customize the request system with varying cooldowns and specifications to meet your server's requirements.
  • Effortless In-Game Reloads: Enjoy a stable reload feature that enables you to refresh messages directly in-game, eliminating the need for server restarts.
  • Active Discord Support and Ongoing Updates: Benefit from active Discord support and anticipate a stream of future updates, ensuring your plugin remains current and efficient.
  • Robust Staff Mode: Explore a fully configurable staff mode, enabling you to assign commands to items for streamlined staff interactions.
  • Chat Control Module: Take command of your chat environment with a fully configurable chat control module that empowers you to manage conversations effectively.
  • Comprehensive Staff List: Utilize a fully configurable /stafflist to display your staff members with ease.
  • Random Teleportation Module: Embrace the convenience of a /randomtp module, enhancing teleportation experiences.
  • Modularity at its Core: Enjoy the freedom to enable or disable features based on your specific requirements, ensuring a tailored plugin experience.

Got a suggestion? Feel free to join the discord and let us know! We're always looking to improve based on community feedback!


Q: Why should I consider using ElementalStaff? A: ElementalStaff stands as the premier staff utilities plugin, delivering outstanding performance and unparalleled excellence in functionality. Its exceptional qualities make it the definitive choice for optimizing your staff management experience.

Q: Is ElementalStaff compatible with multiple platforms? A: Certainly. ElementalStaff offers compatibility across various proxies and forks, including BungeeCord, Velocity, and Waterfall. To fully leverage this feature, establishing a connection via RedisDB between your bukkit/spigot/paper servers is recommended.

Q: Will using ElementalStaff affect performance on a server with a substantial user base? A: No, not at all. ElementalStaff is meticulously designed with asynchronous programming, ensuring it operates independently of your server's primary thread. This means your server's core performance remains unaffected, even with a significant user load.

Q: Can I expect prompt support if I encounter any issues? A: Absolutely. We take pride in our swift and reliable customer support. Our dedicated Discord channel is at your service, where most inquiries receive prompt attention and resolution on the same day, ensuring uninterrupted server operation.

Q: What payment methods are available for ElementalStaff? A: For international payments, ElementalStaff supports Tebex Checkout, providing access to a diverse range of over 50 payment gateways. This ensures a seamless and convenient payment experience.


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